Mirko Lux studied modern German literature studies and art history in Berlin and Siena. During and after university Mirko worked as a freelance journalist and photographer. Better video capabilities of DSLRs allowed Mirko to dabble in video production for NGOs and companies like Microsoft Berlin, the Goethe-Institut, Vice and the European Democracy Lab.

Since May 2013 Mirko is responsible for communication and program management in the Berlin office of Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V., a non-profit organisation promoting transatlantic dialogue through cultural and intellectual exchange.

Mirko is a firm believer in citizen engagement and grassroots initiatives, being (or having been) an active part of Volkentscheid Fahrrad, Publixphere and The European Moment. He is also a member of KOOK e.V., a non-profit association and independent network of artists for artists. KOOK is very interested in offering platforms of exchange and debate to exciting artistic trends and their actors. In this context, KOOK organizes reading series, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and develops its own formats.